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  • Article: Feb 7, 2016
    By Caron Lindsay | Sun 7th February 2016 - 1:15 pm in Liberal Democrat Voice

    Tim had already been in Cardiff once last week, campaigning with AM Eluned Parrott in Cardiff, and he was back yesterday. After he left, he went to East Dunbartonshire before returning home to Cumbria. You can't accuse him of not putting the work in. He's certainly setting a good example.

    Here is his speech in full. He encompassed many of the themes around community and public services that had been much mentioned, but also spoke about flooding, climate change and Europe.

  • Article: Feb 6, 2016
    By Derek Deedman


    The chaps at the Daily Express are getting really desperate now!

    They reported here that the EU was to blame for the recent and ongoing floods across the UK, backed up by a claim from no other than dodgy businessman and UKIP donor, Arron Banks. Sounds a bit fishy to me...

    They claim that the EU banned dredging, but this is a lie. The decision to dredge is solely up to our government, and in fact our very own Environment Agency has spent £21m on dredging over the last 2 years.

    The EU actually helps prevent flooding. It facilitates coherent policies across borders, the spreading of best practice and cooperation between the best scientists and experts.

    This campaign is already getting dirty with all of the mud flinging, and I need your help to combat these vicious lies from the anti-Europe camp!

  • Article: Feb 5, 2016
    By Derek Deedman in Lib Dem Voice

    By Baroness Kath Pinnock | Thu 4th February 2016 - 5:55 pm

    Who is going to look after the children?

    One of the biggest worries for working parents is finding high quality and affordable childcare. It is also one of the biggest barriers, especially for women, to getting back into work.

    So, when the chance came to ease those worries by improving what childcare the Government were offering, we grabbed it.

  • Article: Feb 4, 2016

    The Liberal Democrats have made an official complaint over the content of UKIP's party political broadcast for inciting racial and religious hatred.

    The presentation and tone of the broadcast is focused on provoking negative and hostile reactions.

    The broadcast clearly uses images, music and misleading information to inflame racial tension - a direct breach of BBC and Ofcom rules.

  • Article: Feb 2, 2016
    By Derek Deedman in Lib Dem Voice
    Tim Farron has been writing about the announcement of the draft EU settlement over at the Huffington Post. Well, actually, it's more about the substantive issues of the referendum. His article is exactly the sort of positive voice the campaign needs, giving five reasons for us to remain in the EU:
  • Lynne Featherstone
    Article: Feb 2, 2016

    Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Energy and Climate Change Lynne Featherstone has tabled a fatal motion in the House of Lords against the Government cuts to Feed-in Tariffs.

    The staggering 65 per cent cuts to Feed-in Tariffs will be debated today (2nd February). These plans will shrink the currently thriving solar industry by over half its size and put 19,000 jobs at risk, according to the Government's own predictions.

  • Article: Jan 30, 2016
    By Derek Deedman in Letter from Lib Dem Lords

    This week saw votes on the Welfare Bill as the Government tried to push through further damaging cuts to welfare.

    Liberal Democrats opposed a new range of Government cuts to Universal Credit. The attack on low earners, which was described by Tim Farron as "tax credits mark two" would see hundreds of thousands of the lowest earners in society hit with losses to their earnings upwards of £1000 a year. Unfortunately, the Tories will go ahead with the cuts as Labour failed to show up in support of the Lib Dem amendment.

    Earlier in the week the Lib Dems defeated the Government on an amendment that stops Tory plans that would have seen the average Employment Support Allowance claimant lose £30 a week.

  • Document: Jan 27, 2016
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  • Article: Jan 27, 2016

    There has been a dramatic rise in serious incidents in mental health trusts across England, including thousands of unexpected deaths and suicides, Liberal Democrats can reveal.

    The Liberal Democrats have uncovered figures which show more than 8,000 incidents were reported last year.

    The figures from NHS England were unearthed after an FOI request from the Liberal Democrat Health spokesperson Norman Lamb, and cover serious incidents reported between 2012-2013 and 2014-2015.

  • A pair of wedding rings (Jeff Belmonte. Licensed as Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.)
    Article: Jan 27, 2016

    Liberal Democrats are rallying to stop plans aimed at penalising up to one million single parents who move in with a new partner.

    The party has said changes to Universal Credit - dubbed the 'Love Tax' - could affect up to a million low income working single parents. It comes weeks after the Conservative government was dashed in its attempts to cut tax credits for families.